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Learn about the special offers and discounts we're currently offering at Cornelia Veterinary Hospital.

Senior Wellness Package Discount

Do you have a pet that is over the age of seven that you would like to make sure has all of the health care he or she needs as they go into their senior years? We are offering our Senior Packages with a $50.00 discount. Be sure to grab a brochure or ask a staff member for more information and pricing on your pet’s Senior Package.

  • Diagnostic tests help establish a normal baseline values for your pet, creating a point of comparison for the future.
  • The senior package is designed to identify problems early and initiate preventative health care measures.
  • Early detection of disease often gives us more effective and less costly treatment options!

Merial Products

  • Frontline Gold: 
    • Buy 6 doses, Get 2 FREE (in house)
    • Buy 3 doses, Get 1 FREE (in house)
  • Heartgard

Elanco Products

  • Trifexis
  • Credlio
    • Buy 6 doses, get 1 FREE (in house)

Merck Producs

  • Bravecto

*Promotions are subject to change, please contact us to confirm the most up to date information.